Changed my avatar

And everytime I click it it comes up blurry

I’m only able to use mobile

Could anyone tell me if the picture is blurry or if it looks good??


Feeling better about my body, slight change of diet and a little working out has done some good

Feeling better about my body, slight change of diet and a little working out has done some good


nude kind of showing my dick

gets anons but no reblogs

what do you people want from me?

riskay. why not.

riskay. why not.

When I sit and think

About my problems I realized this:

I’m a (functioning) alcoholic, I’ve gotten drunk mostly alone almost everyday for three months.

Problem is I don’t have a problem with that, sure my kidneys could fail or my liver could be fucked but being drunk is all that I have anymore. I might get sad or happy but I can sleep and I won’t dream about you. But I’ll sit and reminisce and just die at the irony of it all.

I remember the times we’d fight and you’d just scream at me and I’d feel nothing, I was calm as could be. And now I love you, now I ache for you, I sob uncontrollably thinking about you not loving me anymore. You said you were glad to finally see some emotion in me. You say you’re unsure and other guys feelings mean more than mine now. I just keep pouring myself another bourbon and listen to sad songs until I can’t cry anymore.

I pass out, wake up and go to work. I tell everyone I’m fine, might see one of the two friends I have later that day. But when I get home, I just get out the bottle and do it all over again.

I think to myself now I am the most content right before I pass out. I’m very drunk, I’ve gotten all my feelings out and I’m finally calm. I’ve accepted there is nothing left for me in this world other than my three cats. You’ll get the cats soon and I’ll just be empty and alone. Alone in a way nothing and no one can help, I just need something and I think I know.

I realize the feeling I want most is to not feel at all, I think I want to die. And I want you to watch.

This situation

Is slowly driving me insane

I’m not an alcoholic I just love being drunk

So I can sleep and just not feel

Not feel and not worry and not wonder
What’s wrong with me

My lack of human contact is a real issue

I just need someone around
I’ve never been so alone

Booze and bath

Booze and bath

I actually just

Took some nudes

And I don’t think I look too bad
Like I notice small changes in my body

Things are paying off and I just need to keep this going

This is a good feeling

Now accepting donations

In the form of:

-anyone to hangout with

I’m hungry, sober and bored to fucking tears.

Hate this town

I was in a pretty good mood

Had a very long day at work but made it through

Noticed a few differences in my body as I work to slim down and feel comfortable again

And it all just fell apart

I hate that I was finely getting better and now I’ve just fallen back into this pit of despair and insecurity

How can you do this to me…